Music for Dive Bars

thu 24 nov 2022
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Truus de Groot in WORM. Sunday 27th November the ‘radio-opera’
Music For Dive Bars in Dr. Klangendum at 24:00 .

The past weeks Truus de Groot was resident in Worm and spent a part of that in the sound studio, where she made the ‘radio-opera’
Music For Dive Bars for Dr. Klangendum and WORM .

It will be broadcast on Sunday 27th November at 24:00 in Dr. Klangendum.

It is actually a sort of follow up to another radio piece that Truus de Groot made many years ago in the Worm Studio , ‘Truus Makes Waves’.

Music For Dive Bars comprises 10 songs, composed and recorded in the Wormstudio , accompanied by commentary by Johnny Dowd. It’s very likely that it will be published on record, but more about that later.

For those of you who don’t know Truus de Groot , under her artist name just known as Truus, she is a Dutch experimental musician based in the US. De Groot originally came to fame as a leading player of the crack box.
She began her career with the Foolsband, which later became Doe Maar . Thereafter she joined in the late 70’s the experimental band Nasmak, left this band after a year and started her own band Plus Instruments. The band moved to the US, where among others it was joined by Lee Renaldo (Sonic Youth) . A few years later in the US she started the punkabillyband Trigger & The Thrill Kings . In addition she has among other things worked together with Rhys Chatham and released a number of solo albums in the 90’s.