Last Snowstorm Of The Year

wed 16 nov 2022
Theme: Crosslinks

The opening number of Radio Elastica on Thursday 17th November at 23:00.

In Radio Elastica programme maker Tjeerd van Erve honours the passing of Mimi Parker. She was the percussionist and vocalist, and wife of Low band member Alan Sparhawk. Together for more than 30 years they created long slow tragic songs. Often acoustic, with Parker as vocalist and Sparhawk on guitar. The texts were often full of religion. But especially thanks to the joint singing of the duo, their songs often took on an unearthly beauty.

The Low oeuvre evolved from small intimate songs to more raw, full of electronic buzz around song structures. But the deep duo singing continued to characterise their total sound.

On 12th January 2023 in the programme Theme we’ll further honour the music of Low. Because after the passing of Mimi Parker Low is no more.

Click here through to Radio Elastica on Thursday 17th November.