In the spotlight

wed 23 nov 2022

In December we’re putting the spotlight on the French composer Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992) .

Olivier Messiaen’s (1908-1992)  music has almost always roused mixed reactions. From the moment that he had an unmistakable musical personality, at the end of the 30’s (his music was recognisable within two bars), there was admiration for the combination of very modern musical means with completely archaic faith. Messiaen did not have it easy. In his earliest works, before he had discovered himself, you can hear the strong influence of Debussy . His most famous work is probably his Quartet for the End of Time, mainly for the horrible circumstances in which it was created and which sound in every movement. In his most unrestrained moments, such as in his Turangalila-symphony, he displays an unashamed and unbridled feeling of happiness which we often experience outside music but rarely within and certainly not with such remarkable resources. First episode Thursday 1st December 16.00 . [Emanuel Overbeeke]