Collaboration between the Concertzender and the ConcertLab Foundation

wed 23 nov 2022
Theme: General

The Concertzender and the ConcertLab Foundation are working together to put young talent in the spotlight. As listener to the Concertzender this weekend you can go for free to the concerts of the ConcertLab Foundation in the Utrecht Muziekkamer Leeuwenbergh.

ConcertLab Foundation is organising three special concerts with ‘Fine Arts Music‘: acoustic music, unamplified in small ensembles, with up to now unknown world talent. On Friday 25th November there is the Winners Evening, on Saturday 26th November The Evening of Song and on Sunday 27th November The Evening of Versatility. Order tickets on the website concertlabfoundation.nl and use the code CLFellow22.


ConcertLab Foundation
The ConcertLab Foundation concerts have a special character. They’re called ‘Showcase’ because they spotlight up till then unknown world talent. Three ensembles play every evening, spread over the full field of what is known as Fine Arts Music . Chamber music, but certainly not only classical. World music, jazz, contemporary music and even pop music can be heard, just as long as the talent is of top quality. A professional presenter will guide you through the evening. The concert concludes with an informal ‘Q&A’.


Podium for Talent
At the Concertzender we offer young talent a place to demonstrate their art. During the covid pandemic there was no podium available to them. So the Concertzender has started the project ‘Podium voor Talent’ . In collaboration with the Dutch conservatoria in our live programme Concertzender Actueel almost every Wednesday you can hear a young musician or ensemble. The collaboration with ConcertLab offers these talents an wider public.